Prayer to Devi by Swami Lalitananda

Yoga Mystic Songs for Meditation, Volume 6  (1985)

04 Prayer to Devi Durga

O Devi, tender and yet terrible,

I bow before you again and again.

Without your grace this world would be unbearable.

The wild jungle of fear would capture me.

Om Sri Durgayai Namaha!

O Devi, most gracious unto all,

I beg to touch your lotus feet.

Without thought I have wandered foolishly

in quest of my desires.

Forgive me for I am your child.

O  Devi, more beautiful than the orb of the moon.

Grant me this prayer:

May I be as pure as snow,

May that longing of my soul find rest

and peace with you.

Om Sri  Durgayai Namaha!

O Devi, I am destitute.

Bestow upon me vigilance

in the dark hours of  my soul.

Provide me with faith and courage.

Whenever I call,

envelop me in your thousand arms.

O Devi, protector of all.

Guide me through this storm.

The rains of misery are upon me.

Bring me back to my home

where I may abide with you in  peace forever.

Om Sri Durgayai Namaha!

Song composed on October 3rd, 1984.


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