Oh Goddess Lakshmi Abide in My House, poem/lyrics and song by Swami Lalitananda


By Swami Lalitananda


Oh Divine Mother, here I am.
I’m not a stranger to you.
A thousand dark roads I walked
Searching in the moonlight for you.

Oh Goddess with sparkling eyes,
You appear golden like the Sun.
I hear your conch calling me
Speak to me … for I worship you.
Oh look with love into my soul.
Grant me a golden intellect.
Enfold me in your fame and glory–
Oh Holy Mother, don’t turn away
!Let me adore you with prayer,
Oh sweet Mother, ever tender.
Give me a red lotus of wealth from your hand
Blow out this candle of remorse.
Oh Luminous One, give me grace !
You reap a golden harvest.
Let happiness rain upon me,
Drown me in the wave of eternity!
Like a silver star you shine.
Secretly you watch from above.
Give me a drop of heaven.
Let the pearls of wisdom fall.
Oh Divine Mother, here I am.
Cold and hungry in raging seas
In a world of time and Space —
Give me the cup of immortality.Om Sri Maha Lakshmyai Namah
I implore you, Oh Goddess Lakshmi,
Abide in my house forever more !

— by Swami Lalitananda Saraswati


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